We are pleased to announce the cast for “The Pirates of Penzance”

Matt Carroll—Pirate/Sergeant of Police
Allen Gleason—Pirate
Corey Hughes—Pirate
Abby McClung—Pirate/Police
Brady Miller—Samuel
Sophia Moretto—Pirate/Police
Megan Newbanks—Pirate/Police
Keysy Lindsey-Abellán—Pirate/Police
Michael Ream—Pirate
Delaney Shannon—Frederic
Connor Walker—Pirate
Sam Watts—Pirate
Drew Williams—Pirate King
Celia Smith—Ruth
Shayla Barnett—Victoria
Emily Biles—Isabel
Danielle Braham—Daughter
Katelyn Carroll—Kate
Amanda Gleason—Daughter
Emily Ludwig—Edith / Understudy for Mabel
Chloe Salvatore—Pirate/Police
Katelyn Tennant—Daughter
Clare Walker—Daughter
Alexa Haynes—Mabel
Austin Perkins—Major General Stanley

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Cast Members

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